Thursday, June 18, 2015

"I DO"

For a girl who dreamed of eloping... two weddings is A LOT.
But my husband lured me in very tactfully. For our first set of nuptials he tempted me with...
a yurt with an aisle bordered by skis, and beautiful MONTANA.
Which of course got my head spinning with visions of Moon Boots, Pom Pom Hats, Apres Ski Suits, and best of all, a convertible Apres ski suit/wedding dress.

First I had to knit the Pom Pom hats...

Thankfully I had a very able helper-

The next project was to design the ski suit/dress: I started with the classic CK Bradley Apres 'Ski Boogie'... and added a wrap around ball skirt made of the same 'high tech' fabric.
Obviously I wanted a real wedding dress look, so going jacket-less was a fashion must.
(In the event you want to use parsley in your bouquet, as I was set on doing from age 5, use flat leaf parsley...the curly kind wilts FAST)
Then to outfit the flower girls in Moon Boots & CK Bradley Pom Pom Hats,
And get Jack the ring bearer settled in his sled.

Our guests arrived by ski lift, snowmobile & on skis
Lined up with daisies to reel me down the aisle...

And before I knew it, I said 'I DO'!!!

There were a lot of highlights...and many to thank, especially BC of the YC, but I can't say that arriving on a snowmobile wearing Moon Boots under a wrap around ball/ski skirt weren't high on the list.

Apres Ski Boogie Girls
Pom Pom Heaven

Oh...and lest I forget the men in KILTS! But that's for another day...

-One Down and One to Go, Bradley

Monday, January 26, 2015

Pom Poms and Bugles...

camilla bradley and son jack

It's no secret I'm Pom Pom Hat obsessed...the only secret was that I thought I started the obsession...

camilla bradley child

But it appears my father may have had something to do with I was 'pommed' at an early age
camilla bradley on snowmobile

(and may have acquired a 2 stroke engine fetish back then too...)

ck bradley pom pom hats

Needless to say, I have bit of a Pom Pom stash...

ck bradley pom pom hats

And OH the stories these Poms can tell!

ck bradley pom pom hats

But now that I get to pass on my quiver of Poms to Jack,  its time to spread the wealth...

ck bradley pom pom hats

(and time to teach little Jack to play reveille)

ck bradley pom pom hats

Check out our CK Bradley FB page to order a limited run of CK Bradley Pom Pom Hats for you and your wee ones.
or email me at

-May Your Pom Poms be Perky, Bradley

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Wedding - Newport Style

ck bradley wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses

Newport is good at a lot of things...and weddings is one of them. I like to think I'm good at a few things too...and on that list is 'in the air' action shots AND the unexpected.

And by unexpected, I mean...down the aisle she walks in white...
ck bradley wedding dress

And later on when the music is right, she flips her skirt to reveal a blue n' white surprise of navy grosgrain ribbon stripes... 

ck bradley reversible wedding dress with grosgrain rocked it. Thanks for having ME make your dress and making it look SO GOOD.

ck bradley reversible wedding dress

ck bradley wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses

Then we found a vintage chintz for the ck bradley bridesmaids dresses

ck bradley wedding dress with grosgrain

added some crazy socks from New and Lingwood to make the boys ensembles a little unexpected...
(the mini PACMAN on these socks will make the worth-chatting-up woman swoon)

ck bradley bridesmaids dresses

And paid our respect to Charlie's Angels...

And Quest Magazine

To a life full of joy and happiness to our happy & dapper couple!

-Grosgrain Ribbon Runs Through my Veins, Bradley

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lobster and Wicker

Summer to me means dances on the beach, salty sun kissed skin, seagulls circling to steal freshly cooked fries, mopeds and the sound and smell of a 2 stroke engine, old corked backgammon boards, fog horns, flowering privet, minty beachcombers, night swimming and LOBSTER.
So IF you have a friend with a willing house, take-your-breath-away view, enough curious turquoise wicker to transform the lawn into a worthy wicker-art exhibition,
Enough chairs and tables so that you only sit on someone's lap if you so choose...
A bar with the usual suspects,
Enough geraniums to make you swoon,
You should have a lobster dinner.
 (not JUST because these summery treats are so darn cheap right now!)
Insert our willing host, organizer and dapper dresser, Robert REDD
Add some friends for the turquoise wicker...
And some fabulous legs to distract the boys...
Enough women to make your host willing to entertain again, and again, and AGAIN...
AND Lobster for all.
And if you weren't so distracted by the view, the wicker and the lobster, you might even catch a glimpse of this beauty - wicker, tassels and all.

-Inspiration for my Next Dress, Bradley.

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Scottish are Coming...

I've been wearing a kilt since Moon Boots were hot the first time around.
Dad is a Mackenzie, Mom was a Monteith and a Kerr. I never really gave this much thought until a good friend mentioned he'd polled our friends, and 85% of us were Scottish. So what would you do if you found that out? HAVE A PARTY of course! (thank you JOHN...) And have it sponsored by CK Bradley with tartan accessories.

 Ingredients for a Scottish Ceilidh:
(Ceilidh: a social gathering with Scottish folk music)
 First you'll need a lot of tartan, preferably your own, for decorations.
ck bradley custom bowties
 Then an afternoon of sewing 101 to make decorations for the guests...
 And another afternoon to make something to wrap yourself up in...
 A barn or a tent or a field... 
The CK Bradley Whomper to carry decorations for the empty barn, tent or field,
(flowers courtesy of the side of the road)

Tables to dress up to match your friends,

Enough silverware to wonder if you're seeing triple....


A yellow school bus,
Men in kilts,
camilla bradley
 The dress you made in your kitchen out of a table cloth 
 A quiver of boys that know how to look THIS good and are fine with your less than perfect bow ties, 
(Don't worry ladies..the man with the dangling bow tie does in fact know how to tie a bow tie)
 A surprise Kilt Inspector,
 And enough grass and stone wall to layer your guests for a group photo.

A Scottish band and dancers to show you some moves from the land of bagpipes.

Yes, Wall Street Journal, it is official, THE SCOTTISH HAVE COME
(John thank you for polling your friends...and organizing the party)

-I Like Men in Kilts, Bradley.