Monday, May 25, 2009

Blind Wine

Blind Wine: Our objective was to find out what wines were good out there for under $15. It was going to be just reds, but we had WAY to many people, and each bottle can only be tasted by about 12 people...SO...we divided into the REDS vs. the WHITES. Genevieve and I chopped blocks of cheese till our fingers begged for our mouths to drink to dull the pain. We threw in a $50 bottle of Sterling to mix it up a bit....

And there was a lot of thinking going on....

and note taking...

and the winner of the reds was NOT the $50 vino, but a $12.99 bottle called Roots:1

No CK Bradley anything is complete without some sort of unusual challenge...
This time is was a good old game of 'find your mate'.

Get on your hands and knees and make the noise of the animal you picked...blindfolded. First to find their correct mate wins. Simple, silly, stupid, FUN.

And the winner...
IS: Kelli P. Rugg.
WINS: custom CKB Shot Paddle

And the prize in use....

CKB, Kyle and Genevieve

-Still recuperating, Bradley.


  1. i just found my animal in the washing machine...obviously from my jeans that night! it now sits atop the machine and watches me do laundry. :)

  2. When's the next CKB Event? I'm in!!