Sunday, June 7, 2009

NIFF Closing Party

Camilla Bradley in a CK Bradley Bombardino Dress and Ali Hill in vintage CK Bradley

Another fabulous party for the Newport International Film Festival. Bravo to all who worked on it! The party last night was at Easton's Beach which is a VERY original venue. Easton's is a Public Beach by day filled with mounds of people and all their beach accessories...and NIFF turned it into a hot spot by night. Perhaps safe to say this night ONLY.

Three CK Bradley Dresses spotted at the party...a girl can't complain!
Camilla Bradley, Meg Edenbach in vintage CK Bradley and Ali Hill
The Hill Sisters, Ali and Tori
Brad Rogers in his fabulously original Jacket

Brad cut me off in the parking lot in his mini Mini Cooper on the way to the party. Now I DO drive a big BIG Suburban, so for a little Mini to have the gumption to cut me off...well ballsy to say the least. I chased him down at the party only to find his threads stylin'.

I adore it when there is a colorful suprise inside a man's jacket. I mean WHY NOT? Why should the inside lining be reserved and dull? If it is hidden for the most part, all the more reason to make it pack a punch when it is discovered! Well done Brad. And I forgive you for having a much faster, more nimble ride.
Ted Slee, NIFF Committee, Anne Marie Madeira, and Ali Nichols, NIFF Festival Coordinator

Now a brief interlude to focus on Ali Nichols AND her ensemble for the evening
Shoes and Skirt? Oscar de la Renta. Oscar, you take my breath away. Pure GENIUS.

And paired with a side of Stella?
Even better.
-Beer in a Glass Tastes Better Bradley


  1. Thank you for stopping by. We'll have lots of fun this summer, I'm certain.

  2. I have that green La Bamba(?) vintage dress and NOW I must have the Bombardino as well! First the shirt now this...This blog habit is becoming costly...

  3. Between the jacquard and turquoise blue jackets, I'm not sure which one i'm more envious of...