Tuesday, July 7, 2009

CK Bradley Photo Shoot aboard White Wings

Sometimes the best things happen without much planning. This particular day began with the SUN! Shocking, I know. Clothes were quickly shed for optimum skin to sun ratio. We (team CKB) decided to leave work as we know it and head to the Newport Shipyard for yummy treats and SUN.
I ran into Donald Tofias, owner of two beautiful W-Class Sailboats: White Wings and Wild Horses. The W-Class boats are new boats designed by Joel White, but oh so classic with details of sailboats from the golden age of sailing. You can charter them for a leisurely cruise or race them against each other. Either way, you'll be wondering why all sailboats aren't this beautiful.

So what better activity for a long awaited sunny day BUT a CK Bradley Photo Shoot!
CKB and Ashley wearing the Tamanaco Dress
Our mouths were open here because of the fear factor, not the fun factor...

Donald Tofias in blue and his dapper crew
Ashley, who is actually crew on Wild Horses, helping lower the main...hot. Girl in CK Bradley dress on a W-Class Yacht? Hotter.

And hotter still? Girl in CK Bradley dress jumping off White Wings into the frigid harbor. Why? For bragging rights of course.

This is not exactly classic W-Class yacht behavior...

CKB soaked to the bone in 55 degree salty water in the Islesboro Dress

Thankfully the crew aboard White Wings were armed with cozy blankets and strapping poses

And the photo boat caught the action thanks to Sailfly
We happened upon these beautiful sloops for a photo shoot...but Wild Horses and White Wings (above) are available for charter. They evoke the spirit of tradition along with the soul of the past with their timeless lines and masterful construction. If any of you are moved to take up yacht racing (and want to be in the BEST looking boats), are already a seasoned sailor, or just want to relax with friends, family, clients, whomever, the W-Class yachts have been chartering for afternoon sails and sunset cruises, photo shoots, special events, and racing in New England, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. Check them out at www.W-Class.com or call Amy at 401-225-3098

-Still Salty, Bradley


  1. My Calidora top hasn't even arrived and I'm alread obsessing over the Islesboro dress I just tried on at Tickled Pink. Which bank to rob, which bank to rob...

  2. The Islesboro does fair well wet AND dry...as far as banks to rob...i think printing our own money may be better!

  3. IMMMMM SOOOOOO JEALOUS. I hope you find capt. tobias and tell him a CKB girl is waiting to jump off whatever white wings boat he sends to ACK