Thursday, September 24, 2009

Harriman Cup Strikes Again

With EVERY social event comes the opportunity to see who you can get to strip.

The Whomper made it's way to the Harriman Cup last weekend for the annual UVA vs. Yale Polo Match. I brought Stackle for the gamers, and Sonoma Dresses for the sneak peakers. In typical Camilla fashion, I changed outfits 3 times in a span of 1 polo match. Not exactly the usual way to introduce a new dress, but Why Not? I mean who needs Runway shows at Fashion Week when I've got a Polo Field filled with potential and repeat customers? No better press than that, although Oprah would be nice...

No changing rooms at the Polo Field. That's where the stripping comes in. Note the look on the guy checking her out...Yowzer!
Pull the Sonoma Dress over your head,
Squiggle out of your top,
Check yourself out in the nearest non aero dynamic car door
And Presto. New outfit. And what a great model she is!

Now not everyone stripped....This girl tried it on over her shirt and jeans...
Any way you slice it, good test marketing for the Solid Sonoma dress in Ponte Knit...perfect for Fall. More colors are soon to come, all made and sourced in New England we are happy to FINALLY report!

Even caught a beautiful sunset on the way back into NYC....
-Never a Dull Moment, Bradley


  1. Love that dress! By chance will these be available via your online store?

  2. Navy and Black, tho after the Harriman Cup, we seem to only have a couple of each left. They fir true, if not a bit big. Call 401-847-9777 after 10 any day of the week/weekend...or email to order. Have a great weekend!