Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sneak Spring Peak!

I get SO excited for Spring and Summer...not only because I live by the beach and the sailors return, but mostly because I LOVE COLOR, and with Summer comes more color.

The design process happens much differently for me than for most who went to school for fashion design. I dream it up, chicken scratch it and play with it. Play with color, play with prints, play with vintage numbers hibernating in the warehouse...just plain play.

And this year we are manufacturing in Fall River, MA...good old USA! There will be silks, batistes, stretch sateens and prints in heavenly colors...and here's the sneak peak.
I always seem to gravitate to kelly green. It is fresh and I love it.
And who am I kidding...I LOVE corals and oranges
The main print in this drawing is one we call 'Moroccan Geo' inspired by all the geometrics in Morocco. I was in a wedding there a few years back, and was forever changed.
We sipped foreign concoctions in the most intricate tents...These guys played music while we sipped. It seemed everywhere you looked were more beautiful patterns and textures...and a few years down the road CK Bradley's Moroccan Geo was born.

The new Spring line arrives May 1.

-Finishing Touches, Bradley


  1. Can't wait for the spring / summer line. You always make the best stuff. It also looks as though there will be some flattering lines for those of us who simply cannot wear a shift dress (hello hips). Looking so forward!

  2. Love the sketches! Can't wait to order some new things :)

  3. WOW, am i excited that i still have a credit at the store! Can't wait to see in person, Camilla! come back and visit us in SF, I know there are some girls who would DIE for a trunk show....

  4. luckily I know someone who has a birthday right around then and who is always looking for an excuse to go to Newport!

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  6. Oh how we would love a birthday girl visit...and an update on all that is going on in SF. Glad you all are excited about the line, I am working my tail off here making it happen...

  7. Looks great!!! Cannot wait to see it, I am also a big fan of the Naby and Kelly Green combo.

  8. Adoring 'Moroccan Geo'. Love it.

  9. Are you solely selling your new collection online? or Will you be doing trunk shows? Your designs and vibrant colors for this spring and summer are something I can't wait to see. If you will be selling at different locations, where will you be posting that information?