Friday, May 14, 2010

Tula SUPing

I am kind of a SUP-a-holic. (SUP= Stand Up Paddle) Last summer alone, I stand up paddled so much, I tore some nasty stuff in my arms and was in rehab for the winter. All that meant was no arm sports, just leg ones. And luckily for me, I LOVE the leg ones.

So now I'm onto the leisure SUPing. And who better to paddle around with than Tula.
This is a slow sport that gives you an AMAZING core workout. And if your feeling frisky, Paddle Surfing is a bit more exciting...but less my speed.

We started out slow...after all, Tula is NOT a water dog.
I had to make sure she could float...
Then we moved onto the board and steady knees...
Then to a stand and sit position...
And finally it all came together. All I could wonder now was how on earth I was going to give her the dog treats I had stuffed in my wet suit without sending us both to an icy finish.

-Thank Heaven for Random Friends that Drive by in Cool Trucks with Great Cameras, Bradley.


  1. It is such a great workout. Have you heard of a yolo board? They are designed specifically for SUPing. You would love it!

  2. I'm so looking forward to trying this over the summer. Not the paddle surfing though, those guys (and gals) are whack!

  3. Love those pics of your dog on the board - how great is that?!