Monday, September 27, 2010

Ta-Ta for Now, CKB

After 11 fun years of living and creating CK Bradley, I am closing our doors for now. Later is another story, but rest assured that I have something brewing...

What an incredible trip it has been:

from our first photo shoot at Hammersmith Farm in the bridal collection circa 2002
to many run ins with the law during the shoots....
to belting the boys
the girls
and myself.
We had impromptu photo shoots on random afternoons in NYC,
and hot afternoons in farmers markets,
at the beach,on the dock,
on beautiful boats,
off beautiful boats,
and up the mast on boats.
We had run ins with people ALL wearing CKB at summer clambakes (ooops)
out an about at night,
outside the Whomper,
on random sunny afternoons,at wedding receptions,
and in our NYC store.
We've had fabulous Punch parties
Dorrians parties,
tailgate parties,
race to Tennessee parties,
wear orange Dickies parties,
and fake wedding parties.
We've had Cheerleaders,
cheer boys,
and bowling boys testing out CKB boxers.
There have been stores in Charlottesville and Richmond,
in Newport, NYC
and at temporarily at the Javitz center.
We've had belt contests with entertaining entries: Beach Bum
Banana Hammock,
and the winner, Beer Goggles.

We've had incredible CKB girls...(Vieve and Ebbie and MANY more)

Vieve, thank you for inspiring me to keep going and sticking by all my crazy ideas for so long!

-When One Door Closes Another Opens, Bradley

ps. the blog is stayin:)


  1. Dying....On so many levels!

  2. I was so sad when I saw you were closing up shop! I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve in the future though. And happy the blog will stay.

  3. I guess I will have to tell my girls they should start looking at ebay...

    I am sure whatever your future is, it will be a bright one.

  4. What a great post! I was so sad when I heard the news...tear. I will be sure to hold on to all of my vintage CKB gear...its an incentive not to gain weight! Best of luck with future endeavors!!! xx

    ps: I also posted on you shutting your doors today.

  5. We will be having a $75 dress sale happening for 24hrs only, I will post it when it begins! And don't worry guys...a new era will begin:)

  6. So sad to hear, (although all my pieces just became vintage). Best of luck w/ everything, glad you're keeping the blog.

  7. i'm so sorry to see you go CKB. i've loved all of your clothing from the start, and i wish you lots of luck in whatever the next chapter is.

    i'll continue to read this awesome blog, and i hope to run into you again in NYC soon.

  8. I can't tell you how sad I am to hear this!! CKB has been my absolute favorite for years, from those early key fobs and bags I used to get at Eye of the Needle to all the beautiful dresses I've worn over and over.

    Good luck with your next adventure, I'm sure it will be great!

  9. Looking very forward to the new era! Will this mean more time to blog? ;-)

  10. I'm incredibly sad for a number of reasons. I only wish the very best for you in the future. More importantly, thank you for being an inspiration to so many tweens and teen-age girls.



  11. the orange dickie party was awesome...i think i had the dirtiest pair as evident in the picture

  12. you will be missed! you inspired so much fun and the most gorgeous clothes! cannot wait for your next big idea - it will be wonderful.

    all the best,

    chelsea gwynne

  13. I am sad to hear it but excited to see what you do going forward.

  14. Happy New Year!!

    I am so teary to know that ckb has closed up but looking forward to the next level...

    you are an inspiration to many many preppy lovers out there!!! thank god I have all of your handbags and belts for my daughters!!! thank you!

    all the best..