Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How Many Knee Socks...

Can I fit in my duffel that must last me 3 months on the road?

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The Bambi Airstream that we are renting for 3 months is smaller than my closets at home. Now, I KNOW I don't need dresses, curling irons and all my boots: high heeled, flat, over the knee etc...BUT I will need some 80's Prom Dresses and a full bin of bikinis and hair pieces JUST IN CASE. Can I tow a trailer BEHIND a trailer for the sake of costumes? Hmmmmm.

If I can't bring an extra trailer with a quiver of costumes...I may just have to wear knee socks (always room for those) and a Mogul Masher Vest.

and a Pom Pom Hat. It's all about keeping your upper body warm anyway, right?

And since I haven't even left the salty state of Rhode Island for snow capped mountains YET, I have had to resort to having 'shows' indoors...great for stripping down for try on sessions, bad for getting action snow shots. Here's a bit of action:
I'll keep the updates coming...we may even have a website soon for pre-orders! For those of you too eager to wait, email: ckbradley13@gmail.com with questions.

-Still Salty, Soon to be Snowy, Bradley


  1. Ooohh, may need one of those hats! Love them!

    Random question of the day - any chance I saw your father in downtown North Conway during Christmas week?

  2. Random Answer....YES. We were both in North Conway for a few days after Christmas...SO FUNNY!
    What were you doing there?

  3. Anyway of purchasing dress/clothes that you may have since closing?? I don't really have specifics in mind, but would love to see you have anything left.


  4. Stacey:
    email me at ckbradley13@gmail.com
    we have 100 dresses left: Bombays, Oscars, Cabanas and Triplers. I can email you pics and go from there.

  5. Too funny! We have a place in the valley and ski at Cranmore. The conditions were eh that day, so I walked downtown to get a fancy coffee.

    Your Dad was pulling out of the Oxen Yoke (I think?) and the NY plates caught my eye (I'm originally from NY). I saw Awosting on the side of the car and it took me a while to remember where I'd seen it before. You've made him famous ;-)

  6. Whoops! The above is actually from me......not 'dinner'.

    1. Oh my Dad does have an affection for the hand-me-down CK Bradley Suburbans stripes and all. And he covers up the old CKB logo with his own Awosting logo. Too FUNNY! We love the Oxen Yoke and Cranmore for that matter...