Monday, August 27, 2012

The Scottish are Coming...

I've been wearing a kilt since Moon Boots were hot the first time around.
Dad is a Mackenzie, Mom was a Monteith and a Kerr. I never really gave this much thought until a good friend mentioned he'd polled our friends, and 85% of us were Scottish. So what would you do if you found that out? HAVE A PARTY of course! (thank you JOHN...) And have it sponsored by CK Bradley with tartan accessories.

 Ingredients for a Scottish Ceilidh:
(Ceilidh: a social gathering with Scottish folk music)
 First you'll need a lot of tartan, preferably your own, for decorations.
ck bradley custom bowties
 Then an afternoon of sewing 101 to make decorations for the guests...
 And another afternoon to make something to wrap yourself up in...
 A barn or a tent or a field... 
The CK Bradley Whomper to carry decorations for the empty barn, tent or field,
(flowers courtesy of the side of the road)

Tables to dress up to match your friends,

Enough silverware to wonder if you're seeing triple....


A yellow school bus,
Men in kilts,
camilla bradley
 The dress you made in your kitchen out of a table cloth 
 A quiver of boys that know how to look THIS good and are fine with your less than perfect bow ties, 
(Don't worry ladies..the man with the dangling bow tie does in fact know how to tie a bow tie)
 A surprise Kilt Inspector,
 And enough grass and stone wall to layer your guests for a group photo.

A Scottish band and dancers to show you some moves from the land of bagpipes.

Yes, Wall Street Journal, it is official, THE SCOTTISH HAVE COME
(John thank you for polling your friends...and organizing the party)

-I Like Men in Kilts,


  1. Camilla..the pics are awesome. RRM in his kilt is too cute!!

    1. Yes, REDD does don the Scottish attire well..

  2. Golly day you musta been a dreeeeeam childhood friend to have. I had to strong arm all mine into playing fort building, Indians and Little House where I was the architect, Chief and Charles, natch...XXOO hubs is a MacKenzie on his maternal side :)

    1. I like to think I am forever growing up. And next year YOU should be reeled in to organize a table!

  3. That looks like wayyyyy more fun than I ever had at Mt. Hope Farm!

    1. Well maybe you will be more inspired to see Mt Hope Farm with new eyes....