Saturday, January 17, 2015

Wedding - Newport Style

ck bradley wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses

Newport is good at a lot of things...and weddings is one of them. I like to think I'm good at a few things too...and on that list is 'in the air' action shots AND the unexpected.

And by unexpected, I mean...down the aisle she walks in white...
ck bradley wedding dress

And later on when the music is right, she flips her skirt to reveal a blue n' white surprise of navy grosgrain ribbon stripes... 

ck bradley reversible wedding dress with grosgrain rocked it. Thanks for having ME make your dress and making it look SO GOOD.

ck bradley reversible wedding dress

ck bradley wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses

Then we found a vintage chintz for the CK Bradley bridesmaids dresses

ck bradley wedding dress with grosgrain

added some crazy socks from New and Lingwood to make the boys ensembles a little unexpected...
(the mini PACMAN on these socks will make the worth-chatting-up woman swoon)

ck bradley bridesmaids dresses

And paid our respect to Charlie's Angels...

And Quest Magazine

To a life full of joy and happiness to our happy & dapper couple!

-Grosgrain Ribbon Runs Through my Veins,


  1. I love everything about this wedding! Your creation is nothing short of genius! Wonderful. Beautiful. Have a great day, and please post more often! XOXO

    1. You SWEET thing...I am going to try and start up lets see how I do! Thanks for the push!

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  3. beautiful! Katy has always been about class and this wedding was no different. love the dress and change into grosgrain. great job.

  4. Lovely dress!! I just loved everything about your wedding dear. I also want to make my vow renewal celebration perfect in such way. Can you suggest which colour dress I should wear? And Should I book a beach side venue or a venue near mountains. Help me dear.

  5. Great wedding style dear. A wedding party dress should be selected according to the wedding venue. If you are getting married at a muddy venue then a short dress is perfect. I am getting married at a beach NYC wedding venues so I would prefer knee length dress.