Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Engagement Party

This Weekend was Jeff and Vieve's Engagement Party in Newport. Vieve basically runs the show and me at CK Bradley, (Probably shouldn't have admitted that...) so this week was a bit of a mess at Newport Headquarters as I tried to do her job while she prepared for the big week. No big upsets that I'm admitting to...
Friday Night was a beach bonfire and Barbecue courtesy of our friend Patrick at Preppy Pig BBQ.

Ummm...I had to get closer
You get to choose spicy or sweet, and let's just say both special sauces stop conversation.

I caught a glimpse of some CKB gear...
Louisa Ryan in CKB Spring 2006

Whitney Rugg spotted in a blue 'n pink CKB belt. Love a man in pink....
And if the pulled pork sandwiches weren't treat enough, someone must have paid big bucks for the Harvest Moon we got that night rising from water. I'm not sure cameras are supposed to be able to capture the essence of all sights...I know this picture does the moon injustice-

The next day was a Cocktail Party at Buddy and Suzy Hills house. As a committee member, I'd been asked to secure some more 'cornflower blue' Hydrangeas in the event that the ones delivered the previous day had wilted. Well, I fell asleep early Friday night, and missed the boat on my midnight stalking and snatching on the way, we may have found some back ups....
This house was under construction, so we are pretty sure we did these flowers and owners a favor. Not only do Hydrangea bushes like to be trimmed to relieve them of their weighty baubles, but so too do they like to be oogled and ahhhed at. Thank you house on the left for these beautiful additions to the party...
And yes, Meghan, you look fabulous.
What's this? A Phoebe Dick spotted in The Bamba Dress? This dress has gotten a lot of blog press lately....and don't worry Kirsten, I am still on the lookout for the proper color thread for you...

And later on, a CKB purse was spotted...
All in all, a wonderful weekend in Newport full of sand, pulled pork and borrowed flowers. Jeff and Vieve, may your days be filled with laughs and smiles.

-Still craving Preppy Pig pulled pork, Bradley


  1. That sandwich just made me want a pulled pork sandwich for breakfast!!??!!

    OH, that picture! That has to end up in a frame somewhere. Looks like a fabulous time!! xoxo

  2. I also participate in the sport of late night hydrangea raiding during the summer months at the beach and my wedding bouquet was "borrowed" and blue. XXOO

  3. That CKB belt makes guy look..... EXTRA yummy!!!

  4. Oh that looks like such fun!!!! :) LOVE the bllue dress with ruffle sleeves.

  5. you really know how to have fun ladies!

  6. Oh wow...all the undercover hydrangea snaggers are it.

  7. Okay, that arrow with the "Yum" pointing at the belt could be misconstrued if one wasn't reading the fine print. Lol.