Monday, August 24, 2009

Viva la Fish Taco

I flew all the way to San Fran
Got in a Toyota Tundra with 3 others, (2 of whom I'd just met) drove 8 hours to the Tijuana, and began the Taco Tally Challenge to try and eat 50 tacos in 4 days.
We got through the border without even a passport viewing,
Followed the religious statues,
Checked out the Cacti on the 32 pit stops along Baja's Rt 1,
And stopped at as many Fish Taco stands as possible from Tijuana to Mulege.
At first, as a Fish Taco virgin, I was thrown of by the large piece of fried fish on a plain tortilla, but once you add the fresh cabbage, pickled onions, lime, avocado, pico de gallo, and special sauce there isn't many a meal that can top these for me now.
Taco Tally at the end of the trip? 47. So close.....

-Still Craving Fish Tacos, bradley


  1. Oh what fun fun fun!? Xoxo-BLC

  2. I have never seen a fish taco so I had no idea what they look like...they look really yummy!!

  3. the BEST fish tacos - The Brig in San Diego. As a bonus, it's full of cute sailors.....

  4. Luuuuv the fish taco. I'll email you a great recipe for them once I return to the city...XXOO

  5. Yes, fish tacos are delicious. With a name like that, you wouldnt' think so, but darn are they tasty!

  6. I love this and totally want to do it! Those tacos look amazing!

  7. and awaiting ANY good recipes from any of you!

  8. very cute! I married one, but there are still plenty left ;-)

  9. i may have found some sailors tonight...stay tuned...