Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mom in a Playtex Girdle Commercial

My Dad always tells the story of how my Grandparents called from Japan to tell my father they had "...just seen Marilyn (my mom) on TV in a commercial!" My fathers quick response was, "Now Dick, (my grandfather) do you really think I would let Marilyn be in a commercial?" And then of course, Dick felt silly, and realized that it must have been a woman that looked remarkably like his daughter on TV. was my Mom.
She did a little modeling then, and had been brought into the film studio to show other models how it should be done. But they wanted to use her. My father was not happy, but was assured by her agent that the commercial would probably not even make it to prime time. By the late 60's it aired in 14 countries and was translated into 9 languages. Upset it had gotten this big, there was nothing my father could do. (He didn't want the love of his life on someone elses TV screen)

But I am happy it did air, as it is the only time I have ever heard my mothers voice. (I lost my mother and brothers in a car accident when I was 2...and thankfully had the best Dad anyone could hope for to raise me)
Here is the commercial...for women to be relieved we dont wear these, and for men to be happy they don't have to fumble taking them off women! And for me to hear my mother's voice.

The camera pans up to a beautiful woman, and what does she have on her mind? "My girdle is killing me!"
This series was lampooned widely on variety shows of the era, which was great for Playtex.
I think you need Real Player for this...

-Not Wearing a Girdle, Bradley


  1. I absolutely love your posts Miss Bradley!

  2. My heart is very full after reading this post. I cannot help but believe that your Mom is hugely proud of the wonderful women you've become and how much of a role model you are to young girls across the country.

  3. I have a feeling nobody has been able to play the i am sorry! But as always, appreciate your comments.

  4. Ditto what Chip so eloquently said and, adding that is one fine father you have...XXOO

  5. Oh my Lord, I remember those commercials! The women were alway soooo glamorous and chic.

    The Libray of Congress keeps a lot of vintage TV and film, including commercials. Should you ever want a copy, they may have it on film.

    Your mother was stunning.

  6. Oh, great info on the Library of Congress- what a wealth of information that place must have...

  7. That is a cool story, very fitting....