Monday, October 26, 2009

Making of a Print

Another example of how prints are conceived at CK Bradley...

The New York Yacht Club wall in Newport has these FABULOUS Spanish roof tiles as a decorative detail in their wall.
I got up close with visions of a print running through my head...
changed the colors...
made it thicker...
added some color...
and dimension
And voila! Then our wonderful illustrator got to work...

and we had a photo shoot to sell the finished print on skirts and dresses...

From a wall detail outside the NYYC to a print for dresses and never know where inspiration might strike.
(Yesterday I was taking pics of man hole covers - stay tuned for what comes of that!)

-Get Creative, Bradley


  1. How interesting!! Love this post!

  2. Its so awesome to see how you think through that process and layer it all together to create a final product.

  3. I need that cape! But it isn't on your website :( Where can I find it?

  4. Ha! It is from Fall 2008...and oddly enough, I JUST got it out of my Winter storage since the weather is calling for capes NOW! We don't have any left in our sample warehouse I'm afraid...but glad you like it!

  5. Brilliant! That is so great to hear from you first hand. Thank you for sharing. xoxo


  6. ooohh, bring back the cape! pretty please????

  7. .....and may I hear more about the sample wearhouse? ;-)

  8. sample warehouse will be making a guest appearance FOR SALE in our new website launching in november!