Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Playboy..the Vintage Years

I was 23 years old. It was mid summer, and my Dad and I were at the monthly Mark Vail Auction in the Pine Bush, NY which was a hop, skip and jump from our cabin in the woods. A set of vintage Playboys from 1964-1981 came up for auction. I was mulling about in the back of the room embarrassed to look at who was avidly bidding on the lot. I hear "I've got $ $350, no $400, $450 going once, going twice, SOLD to bidder # 800!"

Bidder # 800 was oddly familiar. IT WAS MY DAD. How could he? HOW embarrassing! I wanted to go run out to the car so that nobody knew I was with the guy, much less MY DAD, who just bought ALL the Playboys.

We got in the car. I was FURIOUS. He was laughing his head off. He said "sweetheart, I got those for you!" What? Did that make ANY sense? Well, after years of perusing them, it does. They have inspired me more than I could have possibly imagined, and he knew they would. The line :"I read Playboy for the articles" is actually a line I now understand. Except, I would add that I personally read vintage Playboy for the articles, fashion section, sketches, and most of all ads.
And thus we come to a 1968 edition with something called The Playboy Coloring Book:

Eloquent, frisky, colorful and fun. Well done Playboy. Hope this wasn't too frisky for some of you...there is oh so much more to come.

PS. Dad, you were right. Thank you!

-Color Me Happy, Bradley


  1. I think it's great (and touching!) that your dad knows you so well...


  2. Playboy in those days really did have great articles and jokes. I'm not so sure about today. What an investment, too!