Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Charlie's Goes Proper

Foxfields 2006. (Outside of Virginia for those of you who haven't experienced it yet...) It was a day filled with Beirut challenges and frozen drinks made with our 2 stroke, pull start blender. I was tired to say the least.
Cleanup is never any fun after a day like this...but on this particular day, the HANDSOMEST of boys comes up and starts asking me questions about CK Bradley. All I could think was DAMN I'm in the right business! I'm not sure what lured him in..the smell of oil and gas from the 2 stroke, the sticky beaten up Beirut table, the skulls on my cowboy hat...Next thing you know, he was helping ME CLEAN UP!!! Southern boys I LOVE YOU!!!
His name was Charlie Holderness. And he will go down as one of my favorite CKB fans. In fact...he is one of the reasons I love what I do SO MUCH. (Charlie on the Far right in CKB Bowtie and belt)

Charlie entered a CK Bradley contest and won a spot in our Newport Scavenger Hunt in 2006. Then in 2007 he came on our race from NYC to Tennessee in CK Bradley's Banditball.
Charlie and the Judges
Charlie in the beginnings of his modeling career...
Why is it that my version of a 'Charlie photo shoot' is him in orange Dickies and NOT CKB Men's stuff? Arghhhh. One day I will learn....because look at him NOW!!!

Oh Charlie!
Charlie is featured in this months Southern Proper Catalog. I am impressed with SP...they have an original flare that blends Preppy with a side of European. Great cuts, more sophisticated prints...and good looking models.

From Dickies to Southern Proper...Charlie you make us all look good!
(Charlie is tying the knot in June 2010...Congratulations C-Holds!)

-Still Loving Dickies, bradley


  1. This just in from Charlie....'i believe the story started with something along the lines of you screaming "i need your picture"...then me flirting with you about how you can't just TAKE my picture, and then you proceeded to remove my belt and replace it with one of yours from your basket o' belts...'

  2. trust me. having CKB rip your belt off is not something you'll soon forget... ahh memories.

  3. Darlin' Story!! Where in Tennessee did Banditball end??? xoxo

  4. I got my BF the shotgun/shells bow tie for Christmas...the patterns are so much fun! Congrats Charlie on tying the knot. xx

  5. hey boy HEY. you live a charmed life miss bradley.

  6. Banditball went from the Meat Packing District in NYC to Pidgeon Forge, TN. Dolly Parton look alikes EVERYWHERE. And a charmed life? I'll remember that when I am in a lull...

  7. Charlie is a handsome fella! Great taste in models.

    My friend Steve has a gas powered blender. It has fueled many a party from Maine to Key West and probably beyond.........

  8. My bf got arrested FF 2006 for walking down the interstate back to H-SC hahaha, on a lighter note- Congrats Charlie!!