Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The newest addition to the CK Bradley models and mascots, Kodiak, has been affectionately renamed Tallulah. I was having issues with the name Kodiak, since she has proved to be not as tom boyish as I had expected...giving proof that dogs do not always reflect their owners...

Needless to say, Dad told me a story about a woman who pulled him into her limo wearing a mink and nothing underneath. He later finds out after this provocative introduction, that she is Talullah Bankhead, a well known actress at the time...Dad has never been good with recognizing famous people, and Tallulah was no exception...the story however of the mink and limo abduction has been told many a time, and the name Talullah is rather well known in our family because of it!

And I just plain like it for Kodiak. After all, Kodiak wears a fur coat at all times with not much but bare skin beneath right? So Kodi's new name: Kodiak Talullah Bear. We will call her Tula for short. Hope you approve.

Actress Talullah Bankhead in the '50's

-Ready to Bare All, Bradley


  1. I love the name change, and the story sounds facinating! As ususal, thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Hi Camilla, I love the name! Actually named my cat after Tallulah Bankhead (Well officially, Tennessee Williams's Tallulah Belle) and she goes by Lulah. Great minds... Seems Lulah inherited a lot of mischeviousness from her namesake. I read when Ms. Bankhead fell ill the newspaper ran an article "Tallulah Hospitalized, Hospital Tallulah-ized". Even better, there is a Talullah River in Georgia filled with waterfalls and people say the name is Cherokee for either "jumping waters" or "trouble". (I'm partial to the latter).
    Much love to your new pup- too adorable!

  3. Great video and even better story about your Dad's escapades.

  4. I had to return a dress today for a larger size (I know devastating to go up a size), and I enclosed a signed copy of my novel for you. I hope you get it and like it. You should send me some biz cards as I'm hosting a ladies luncheon-wearing your dress and would love to promote your brand. Let me know if I can ever interview you for my blog. xoox


  5. I LOVE that video! OMG, you must be dying laughing.

    Tula - pronouced Two-la or Tulla?

    Stupid question, can Tigger fly? I think no?

  6. Her name is pronounced Two-la...and Tigger can fly...oddly enough he chooses not to. I LOVE hearing the history of Miss Talullah Bankhead! And I'm going to check out www.socialclimbers.net asap. I'm getting a signed NOVEL? Excited!!!!