Monday, May 25, 2009

Blind Wine

Blind Wine: Our objective was to find out what wines were good out there for under $15. It was going to be just reds, but we had WAY to many people, and each bottle can only be tasted by about 12 people...SO...we divided into the REDS vs. the WHITES. Genevieve and I chopped blocks of cheese till our fingers begged for our mouths to drink to dull the pain. We threw in a $50 bottle of Sterling to mix it up a bit....

And there was a lot of thinking going on....

and note taking...

and the winner of the reds was NOT the $50 vino, but a $12.99 bottle called Roots:1

No CK Bradley anything is complete without some sort of unusual challenge...
This time is was a good old game of 'find your mate'.

Get on your hands and knees and make the noise of the animal you picked...blindfolded. First to find their correct mate wins. Simple, silly, stupid, FUN.

And the winner...
IS: Kelli P. Rugg.
WINS: custom CKB Shot Paddle

And the prize in use....

CKB, Kyle and Genevieve

-Still recuperating, Bradley.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Newport or Bust

So I have officially left New York City...and taken the Flagship CK Bradley Store with me.

I brought it all: Ping Pong table, bird cage, computers, printers, shredders, swivels, nuts, screws, file cabinets, hundreds of bolts of ribbon and fabric, enough wide wale corduroy to make a plush walkway from 72nd and Lexington to the Korean Deli on 74th, and obviously enough dresses and tote bags to clothe a small New England town in need of a makeover.

Let's face it.
I had 6 fun and frisky years of punch parties, wedding fittings, hold ups,(the kind with Police chases) even customer set ups sending me on blind dates across the country. (The hold ups paled in comparison to the set ups...)

My friends and loyal CK Bradley followers have made out to Willie Nelson and Madonna in the dressing room. Some have met guys they are still dating and/or married to. (I am convinced it is the secret Punch that did the trick...) They have decked our 16' Christmas tree, with pretty hideous hand made
ornaments (sorry guys), posed for impromptu and somewhat compromising photo shoots when asked, and taken part in CK Bradley Scavenger Hunts, Fake Weddings and Banditball. I love you guys.

And now you get to come to Newport.

CK Bradley is now in Newport, RI: 28 Bellevue Ave, opposite the Viking Hotel. Does it get better than that?

I've been pondering a move out of the Big Apple for a while. I'm a NATIVE New Yorker and have never lived anywhere else for long periods of time unless you count the Whomper, the almost livable CK Bradley Suburban. Which, by the way, I would take over any Motel 6's. At least I know what's gone on in the Whomper, which is more than I can say for a Motel 6.
Towards the end of my NYC days I made up ANY excuse to leave the city on LONG road trips for 'business' of shake it up a bit and wonder if it was still dresses I loved designing. The more snow I chased the more I wanted to make Ski Bunny One Pieces...not the classic CK Bradley Cocktail Dress.
I mean who wouldn't be thrown off track when surrounded by the rough around the edges boys out West versus the suit clad new york boys without a callous on their hands? Wait. I'm off track. Today is not about boys or road trips. It is about Newport.

And here I am.

Obviously accounts of Boys, parties and ponderings to come....

-Now for my Next Crush, Bradley