Monday, October 26, 2009

Making of a Print

Another example of how prints are conceived at CK Bradley...

The New York Yacht Club wall in Newport has these FABULOUS Spanish roof tiles as a decorative detail in their wall.
I got up close with visions of a print running through my head...
changed the colors...
made it thicker...
added some color...
and dimension
And voila! Then our wonderful illustrator got to work...

and we had a photo shoot to sell the finished print on skirts and dresses...

From a wall detail outside the NYYC to a print for dresses and never know where inspiration might strike.
(Yesterday I was taking pics of man hole covers - stay tuned for what comes of that!)

-Get Creative, Bradley

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Quest Magazine Photo Shoot at Awosting

I've been a bit out of touch these past couple weeks, as I have been far removed from a computer in the depths of my Awosting wilderness in the Gunks. Usually I go up there to hike, write, sleeeeeeep, get inspired and most importantly see my Dad, but this time is was to CLEAN. No chit chatting, no emailing, no old movie watching, no apple crisp baking; just scrubbing, polishing, sweeping, laundering, buffing, waxing, and more buffing and waxing. And for what you wonder? A good friend of mine, Georgina Schaeffer, asked me a while ago if Quest could do a shoot at our country place, and I said yes. And boy am I glad I did!

The cast of 17 crew and guests arrived Friday night and spent hours sorting out outfits for all the guests.
The boys had some good ensembles waiting for action...
Off to bed we went with an early morning wake up call. Had my Dad been there it would have been him blowing Revelry through his Boy Scout bugle at the first sign of light...
First was the 'Lover's Coffee' shoot on the deck. It's remarkable that Chris is so active so early....
Then a FRIGID hike to Gertie's Nose with the huckleberry bushes begging to be photographed.
The Hiking Crew

Note that I can't post the professional pics till the November issue of Quest comes much better ones to come. Mine are more of the 'outtakes' and sideline shots. To follow the latest hot spots and parties at Quest on Twitter, click here.
Now you ALL know I love to jump, fall, fly, and capture the moment. Mimi Crawford, our photographer, and I must have been sisters in a previous life, as she was a kin to all this and had us doing calisthenics all day...including having the boys go in for a dip.
Chris Leach and Charles Darling about to jump into a slightly nipply 48 degree pool. I'm not sure clothing off the 'models' is what Ralph Lauren, J Maclaughlin, or Lilly were hoping for when they sent up press samples, but it works for CK Bradley...
After their dip, the boys went off to meet with the Head of our Hunt Club, Tommy, for a lesson in all things MANLY. Darling is wearing RL I suspect here...lookin good!
And now you may laugh. Yes, that is me in a CK Bradley Bamba dress from last season, on a polar bear rug, with a hair piece and a chess board. The picture below was one of my mom from a shoot, and, well, why not attempt a recreation? Maybe a good Christmas present for my Dad instead of the super size set of AA batteries I always give him as a joke.

Then it was time for Cocktails. L-R: Betsey and Jim Fowler, Carrie Fowler Stowe and Camilla the new Sonoma Dress in Burnt Orange with Trim. (The dress is a limited edition as are all of our styles now, and comes with just trim on the sleeves too for a more daytime look. And in BLACK! So comfy and perfect with flats, heels, boots)

Now in case Jim Fowler rings a bell to you, it is because he used to be on Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, and was certainly the first Animal's a picture I love...

Finally in the Dining Room, Dads and daughters. And I can't forget Tigger, who was in the shoot for a bit, then retired to the kitchen where he was found nesting in a case of Rolling Rock.

Sunday came and it was time to go, but not before the crew did one last picture. It's one of our favorite looks: Lace Face.

Thanks to all the people that made this happen...the guests, QUEST, Mimi and her crew, John Novi at the Canal House and Georgina for dreaming it up.

-Tuckered and Tired, Bradley

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mom in a Playtex Girdle Commercial

My Dad always tells the story of how my Grandparents called from Japan to tell my father they had "...just seen Marilyn (my mom) on TV in a commercial!" My fathers quick response was, "Now Dick, (my grandfather) do you really think I would let Marilyn be in a commercial?" And then of course, Dick felt silly, and realized that it must have been a woman that looked remarkably like his daughter on TV. was my Mom.
She did a little modeling then, and had been brought into the film studio to show other models how it should be done. But they wanted to use her. My father was not happy, but was assured by her agent that the commercial would probably not even make it to prime time. By the late 60's it aired in 14 countries and was translated into 9 languages. Upset it had gotten this big, there was nothing my father could do. (He didn't want the love of his life on someone elses TV screen)

But I am happy it did air, as it is the only time I have ever heard my mothers voice. (I lost my mother and brothers in a car accident when I was 2...and thankfully had the best Dad anyone could hope for to raise me)
Here is the commercial...for women to be relieved we dont wear these, and for men to be happy they don't have to fumble taking them off women! And for me to hear my mother's voice.

The camera pans up to a beautiful woman, and what does she have on her mind? "My girdle is killing me!"
This series was lampooned widely on variety shows of the era, which was great for Playtex.
I think you need Real Player for this...

-Not Wearing a Girdle, Bradley