Wednesday, November 20, 2013

CK Bradley is Back...

Well, its about time. I know. And trust me - I have been traveling the globe, chasing snow,  falling in love with everything from Lederhosen to Aspen, from my Bernese Mountain Dog to life back on the East Coast. And FINALLY, after a 3 year hiatus,  I am ready to design dresses again. You won't have to take up skiing or follow me to the nearest mountain town anymore ...

I have worked with the MOST wonderful people over the past year, (thank you ALL!) and there will be surely many chapters of CK Bradley to come, but this is how the latest chapter was inspired:

 First I did a lot of research.
(CKB Sonoma Dress)
I fell in LOVE with Lederhosen and Dirndls (thanks to you Jeffrey)
 I spent 2 years making ski suits to infuse a side order of fun in ski towns all over,
(CKB Apres Hot Dog Bibs and Ski Boogie Jacket)
 And of course on the slopes as well:)
I even called a 19' Airstream Bambi my home for a few months of a ski season
and LOVED it...
(CKB Apres Hot Dog Bibs)
 I hung around the most dapper, interesting and wonderful men,
(Yusha Auchincloss and John Dalsheim here)
(CKB Coaching Gown)
I took Tula for weekly mud bath spa days, 
 I traveled to London for one fabulous Polo Match after the other, 
and to see Olivia and her daughter Sophia (my god daughter)
(CKB Bamba Dress)
 I delivered a lot of pizza to hungry Polo enthusiasts...
(CKB Cannonball Dress)
 And finally came back home to Newport and started designing dresses again. 
It took ALL that and more to get me here...
(CKB Dress with no name yet...) next venture?
 And the unveiling will be at the Junior League in NYC, Dec 5-6th ONLY
11am-5pm and 6pm-10pm both days
130 East 80th St  
Please email me 
if you would like me to save a ticket for you.

I will let you know when the new
website launches, and will post pricing and styles as soon as I have more to show!

-Sewing Furiously,