Wednesday, June 16, 2010

W Boat Summer Photoshoot

ck bradley summer preppy dressesCertain sailboats, just like certain men, really know how to make me swoon.

The W's are no exception. Donald Tofias was nice enough to let the CKB team take out White Wings, a w-76 for a shoot yesterday. Wind perfect, sun in full force, and company entertaining.
(CKB in Purple Moroccan Belles Shirtdress, Ebbie in Green Moroccan Cortina Dress and Hannah in the Multi Stripe Oscar Dress.)

Last year we jumped of the stern in dresses for a bit of a splash
ck bradley sailboatBut this year things were a bit more tame. Plus, it was hard to forget how cold that water was last year....
ck bradley summer preppy dressesHere, L - R: Ebbie in the Pink dupioni Oscar Dress, CKB in the Yellow dupioni Cortina Dress and Hannah in the Green dupioni Oscar Dress.
ck bradley summer preppy dressesEbbie in the Belles Shirtdress in Coral Island
ck bradley summer preppy dressesHannah in the Navy Dupioni Cortina Dress and Ebbie in the Navy Silk Moroccan Geo Oscar Dress.
A little catnap before round 2 of the shoot...
We left the crew of White Wings ready to call it a day.
And then I swooned. This time for a new breed: Speedboat.
ck bradley adventuresnext thing you know there was a harness...

ck bradley adventures and 2 Girls in Oscars on the Spreaders
ck bradley adventuresThen all 3.
Oh the things these boats make us DO! Or is it the boys that are on them?
Thank you to all the SPEEDBOAT Crew for making our day.
Ebbie had so much fun we had trouble getting her down.
-Speedboat added to the Swoon List, Bradley.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Made in the USA

I can't pronounce half the places people are getting their clothes produced these days...from little towns in China, Peru, Bali to India. There are a lot of options out there, and we have decided to come HOME.

Welcome to Fall River, Ma. Once upon a time, Fall River was a mecca for apparel and bag manufacturers, so today it is filled with empty factories slowly filling up. It's fun to see a place begin to come back to life, a place that is now in my new backyard, and home to CKB production.
This is the fabric being laid out for cutting...
This is a small run of Chelles Halters ready for sewing.
And the Chelles Halter ready for wearing.

-Fall River sure beats the 7th avenue in NYC, Bradley