Thursday, June 18, 2015

"I DO"

For a girl who dreamed of eloping... two weddings is A LOT.
But my husband lured me in very tactfully. For our first set of nuptials he tempted me with...
a yurt with an aisle bordered by skis, and beautiful MONTANA.
Which of course got my head spinning with visions of Moon Boots, Pom Pom Hats, Apres Ski Suits, and best of all, a convertible Apres ski suit/wedding dress.

First I had to knit the Pom Pom hats...

Thankfully I had a very able helper-

The next project was to design the ski suit/dress: I started with the classic CK Bradley Apres 'Ski Boogie'... and added a wrap around ball skirt made of the same 'high tech' fabric.
Obviously I wanted a real wedding dress look, so going jacket-less was a fashion must.
(In the event you want to use parsley in your bouquet, as I was set on doing from age 5, use flat leaf parsley...the curly kind wilts FAST)
Then to outfit the flower girls in Moon Boots & CK Bradley Pom Pom Hats,
And get Jack the ring bearer settled in his sled.

Our guests arrived by ski lift, snowmobile & on skis
Lined up with daisies to reel me down the aisle...

And before I knew it, I said 'I DO'!!!

There were a lot of highlights...and many to thank, especially BC of the YC, but I can't say that arriving on a snowmobile wearing Moon Boots under a wrap around ball/ski skirt weren't high on the list.

Apres Ski Boogie Girls
Pom Pom Heaven

Oh...and lest I forget the men in KILTS! But that's for another day...

-One Down and One to Go, Bradley