Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How Many Knee Socks...

Can I fit in my duffel that must last me 3 months on the road?

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The Bambi Airstream that we are renting for 3 months is smaller than my closets at home. Now, I KNOW I don't need dresses, curling irons and all my boots: high heeled, flat, over the knee etc...BUT I will need some 80's Prom Dresses and a full bin of bikinis and hair pieces JUST IN CASE. Can I tow a trailer BEHIND a trailer for the sake of costumes? Hmmmmm.

If I can't bring an extra trailer with a quiver of costumes...I may just have to wear knee socks (always room for those) and a Mogul Masher Vest.

and a Pom Pom Hat. It's all about keeping your upper body warm anyway, right?

And since I haven't even left the salty state of Rhode Island for snow capped mountains YET, I have had to resort to having 'shows' indoors...great for stripping down for try on sessions, bad for getting action snow shots. Here's a bit of action:
I'll keep the updates coming...we may even have a website soon for pre-orders! For those of you too eager to wait, email: ckbradley13@gmail.com with questions.

-Still Salty, Soon to be Snowy, Bradley